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The Night That Never Ends

Once upon a time, in a very repressive kingdom dwelled a little girl. Now this girl was quite precocious, as eldest children are ought to be, and she kept to herself. Books and music were her only companions, as there were no other children in the village. She didn't play much outdoors, because her parents told her that the world outside was evil, filled with terrible monsters who wanted nothing more than to ravage innocents and tear them to bits. What her parents neglected to warn her about were the monsters who lived next door, right under their very noses, and that sometimes children weren't even safe in their own houses.

And the little girl's heart grew cold. She became even more withdrawn, introverted, for her surroundings grew even more hostile as she reached adulthood. She developed an internal world, filled with longing for fantastical adventures in faraway lands, always donned in fabulous costumes of course.

Until one day, she had to move away, away to a place where she would be loved for who she was, rather than what the social mores deemed acceptable for a woman to be. A place where the D.J. would play the songs that would make her heart sing with joy. A place that for one night, that elusive search for the perfect moment would not be in vain. That for one brief moment: all would be right in the universe.

Or something like that.